[Client] not connecting bug?

**!!!!!** **THERE IS AN OFFICIAL DISCUSSION POST DEDICATED TO THIS ISSUE PINNED AT THE TOP OF THE REPORT A BUG PAGE! PLEASE REFER TO THAT POST IF YOU ARE HAVING THIS ISSUE. thanks** https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/u28PhgrF-patch-914-a-critical-error-has-occurred-report-megathread I originally posted this in Ask the Community but decided to move it over to Report a Bug after seeing it would better fit being over here. I was queued up for a ranked game and after champion select the client goes to into "the match is still in progress" screen like normal but the second program didn't run for some reason so I didn't connect to the game and can't connect to the game. I will probably lose lp for this even though it isn't my fault. My reason for posting this is to see if this is becoming a widespread issue related to the most recent update. I was playing ranked games directly before this occurred. This has been an issue in the past once or twice but it has not occurred for me in over a year. Edit: I closed my client and re-opened it. As expected, I lost lp ( I don't know the exact amount) and the game was remade at 3 minutes. Riot should look into this. Edit 2: changed name of discussion topic to fit etiquette. Edit 3: **important** I went to go play another ranked game and I honestly have no idea what is causing it but now I am getting an error message when trying to connect to the game and it wants me to create a crash dump. so far I have had 2 separate issues with the latest update since it released only a few days ago. I have also seen others having issues related to the update. this is by far the worst league of legends update this year, not because of what it changes to the game but due to the many issues it has created trying to get into a game. I am initiating a full repair for the second time in the past 2 days. hopefully I do not run into any further issues. I am quite angered at this point. I have not had issues like these since I installed league back in 2013. Edit 4: If a Rioter would like a copy of the .tmp file that was created from the crash, please contact me here and I could post a link to a google drive or something. Edit 5: after doing a full repair ( I didn't restart my computer afterwards), I queued up for a draft game this time ( I learned my lesson after losing enough lp) and I told my teamates in champ select chat about the issue I am having and that I posted on the forum and I am testing after a full repair to see if it is good to go for ranked. One person said they have had that issue yesterday. I couldn't connect after champion select even after a full repair. still same critical error. I have not downloaded anything or edited any files since my last working games today and the issue occurring so I honestly have no clue what is causing it or how to fix it. I am going to stop playing league of legends until the next patch, but not by choice.
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