I was just disconnected 4 times in one game, this has never happened before in 6+ years of playing

1. Is this a temporary thing? 2. Is anyone else having this issue? 3. How come automatic reconnects never work and it is ALWAYS faster to manually exit the game then rejoin? 4. Why in the world is there a 5-second timer on leaving the game WHEN THE CLIENT KNOWS I'M DISCONNECTED FROM THE SERVER??? 5. Why is there not any sort of descriptive error message to send to riot support, visible to me when I'm disconnected? 6. Why does this happen in just this game and not in any other games I play? If I'm disconnected once during a game it stops being fun, when it happens multiple times I just want to walk away and do something else instead. Obligatory tears: {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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