Illaoi ult bug

This has been going on since the last patch to change her, but her ult isn't always spawning tentacles when landing on enemies. And it's not related to blinds (enemy team has none), the ult does go off and hit them...but nothing spawns which makes the ult basically useless. I haven't been able to find a common thread between the times it fails, but it does fail far too often (in the 10%+ range) and without her E-->ult-->W+Q combo she can't stand on her own in team fights, and often enough can't even win 1v1 fights against tougher opponents that she otherwise would dominate Edit- i did think one possible cause that was in common with the two times i noticed it happen, i think in both cases i ulted right about the time my passive was spawning a tentacle. In one case the passive did spawn it's tentacle, but neither the kled or his vessel that were hit spawned one (should have had 3 total, but only had one). The second time i didn't even get my passive one spawned when it should have, so i had 0 when there should have been 3
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