Some minor Zed audio/visual bugs that have been persisting for a few months.

These bugs have been around since PROJECT Zed's release. Though they are admittedly not very impactful to gameplay, it's still been quite a while. * The sound that PROJECT Zed makes when he creates a W shadow, is switched with the sound he makes when he jumps to a shadow, and vice versa. - To reproduce, select the PROJECT skin and use W. Zed will make a quick "HAAA" sound, (this used to be the "jump" sound before PROJECT's release bugged it) when before, he used to make a long "hhhrrrraaaahhh" sound. Then wait a moment, then jump to the shadow. Zed will then make the latter sound. Before PROJECT's release, these sounds were swapped. * This is also true for his other skins, including Classic. The voice lines for shadow creation has been changed to the sound he makes when he jumps to a shadow, but his other skins don't play a voice sound when he jumps to a shadow. It seems to be entirely missing. - To reproduce, pick any skin *except* PROJECT, and use W. Zed will make the incorrect "HAAA" sound as mentioned earlier. Then, wait a moment. Then jump to the shadow. Zed does not make *any* sound. This is on all of his skins *except* for PROJECT. * PROJECT Zed does not have an "idle reset" animation. This is the animation that usually plays after a champion finishes an emote, to bring a smooth transition back to their idle state. PROJECT Zed does not have this animation. - To reproduce, simply do any emote (except dance) and look closely at the player model when the emote finishes playing. After the animation ends, the model "slides" into an idle state rather than having the same idle-transition animation that his other skins have. ZED'S ORIGINAL SOUNDS can be heard in his old Skin Spotlights. Notice that whenever he *makes* a shadow, he makes a whispery sound, and whenever he *jumps* to a shadow, he makes a quick, loud sound. In PROJECT, these sounds are swapped, and in his *other* skins (including classic) one of the sounds (creation sound) is entirely missing. Disregard the buggy, slow recall in the Shockblade video. That video was made when Zed was on PBE. The recall animation was fixed before his release.
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