Extremly bugged deathrecap

Hey there guys, So everybody of us knows when the deathrecap is telling oh the veigar got an assist even tho he wasnt there and he didnt got an assist in the scoreboard. Thing like that happen often and i dont get it why they wont fix it. Ik its just a feature that bearly anyone uses but if you want to you it wont tell where you exactly got the dmg from or just telling completly garbage ( f.e. as sneaky was hit by the infernal drake with a static shiv). This issue is existed over SEASONS now and nbody seems to care about it. If you think the deathrecap is useless for the game just remove it pls or change smth about it. Whats ur opinion about it or am i seeing it wrong? Tell me in the comments below. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Yours Chris PS: Dont forget to vote if you liked it or not thx in advance
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