Urgot Ult Particle Bug - Green glowing particle remains indefinitely.

7-16 Yasuo Urgot Particle Bug - Streamable
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Issue: If Urgot ult's target is suppressed when Urgot dies, the ult missile stays attached to the target for a number of seconds and then fades. Once the missile has faded, the green glowing particle still remains indefinitely. See above link for demonstration. Environment seen: Patch 7.16 ARAM, Yasuo vs Urgot. (I was the Yasuo) Match history link: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2579969931/36243428?tab=overview Repro steps (as observed): 1. Urgot casts ult 2. Urgot's ult target drops below 25% 3. Urgot reactivates ult to suppress target. Target is suppressed. 4. Urgot's dies. 5. Ugot's ult missile remains attached to target for ~5 seconds. Ult missile's glowing green particle remains attached to target indefinitely. Other notes: 1. The glowing green particle remained at least until we killed the nexus a minute later (but no other combat occurred). 2. Did not actually attempt repo steps, just wrote what was observed in attached link.

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