Map of Runeterra freezes on Firefox Mozilla

Hey hey everyone I really loved checking out Map of Runeterra every now and then, but for some time now it freezes on Firefox whenever I try to zoom in. The problem does not occur on Chrome.. but I don't use it, hence, now I barely go to it to check the Map I have WebGL enabled, GPU drivers updated, Mozilla updated.. support told me to just try to clear cache/cookies otherwise they can't help me with anything related to that. Did that, nothing. Did anyone else get this issue? It just stays frozen while music is still playing in the background. Sometimes, after a certain period, the message "page is slowing down your browser" might appear.. but not even that in most of the cases The exact moment when it freezes is approx. when the region icons should transform into crests with the effects and colors instead of just flat symbols Help xd
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