[client] I get the "you have x days until demotion" on login even though I play ranked every game

[Screenshot of message from 2018. 09.08.](https://imgur.com/hYxBdFk) [Screenshot of match history, note the ranked solo queue match from 2018.09.08.](https://imgur.com/saWl299) So, it started 3 days ago. I got the "you have 10 days until demotion" message, even though I have been playing ranked games every day. I thought it was a one-time thing so I didn't bother, but I got the messages every day since then, with decrementing numbers, as if I really didn't play ranked games. In the screenshots, there is evidence of the message and of me playing ranked games. What should I do? Is it just a visual bug, or will it really start demoting me? Should it really start draining lp, what is the place I can turn to? Thank you for the reply in advance.

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