Stuttering and movement breaking with standard casted abilities.

* Description: Skipping and stuttering when activing non smart cast skills and attempting to move * Server: NA * Type of Bug: Game * Description: Skipping and stuttering when activing non smart cast skills and attempting to move. Sometimes even not making the character move around. * Video / Screenshot: Youtube: (use 60FPS to see the issue of stuttering) Raw video: (60FPS/50MB 1600x900 x264 vfw codec.) * Steps to reproduce: Move champion and attempt to activate any casted indicator skill * Expected result: Game should not studder when clicking around and moving when trying to activate casting indicators. * Observed result: Consistant splitsecond stuttering and movement commands breaking, and not operating correctly. * Reproduction rate: 10/10 this happens consistently and constantly. * System specs: Intel Core i7 3740QM, HD7970M, 12GB DDR3 @ 1941mhz, 2x 60GB SSD+750GB HDD Watch the video carefully at 60FPS and you will see an issue with stuttering and movement commands not working. This bug started this morning(after the patch), and is really screwing up my gameplay and I've asked others and they seem to be having the issue as well From post game chat Wife Of Shyvana joined the room. Naotix joined the room. RuelFire joined the room. Grunt Moan joined the room. AMDiS Gh0sT joined the room. FragMonsta joined the room. Zeldric joined the room. Griggeroni joined the room. SPARTICUS1901 joined the room. Naotix: gg Wife Of Shyvana: this bug Wife Of Shyvana: is really fuckin me up Wife Of Shyvana: anyone else having an issue Naotix: ? Wife Of Shyvana: thatwhen they press their skills Wife Of Shyvana: their client skipps for a split second Wife Of Shyvana: its really pissing me off Naotix: mine actually did do that Naotix: when I went to ult Naotix: it frame skips like a screen tear Wife Of Shyvana: its getting on my fucking nerves Wife Of Shyvana: i messd up a few kills Wife Of Shyvana: because of it Naotix: -shrug- Naotix: rito.
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