Shaco literally has a critical problem with his Deceive(Q) Patch 6.18-19

Im an old Shaco main with easily over 4000 games with him and i've seen all kinds of bugs happening with him all these years but so far this is the most game breaking bug on him. So basicly every single time when shaco uses his Hallucinate(ultimate) and uses his Deceive(Q) he loses his quarenteed critical strike chance from his q if the clone basic attacks any enemy unit before the real shaco does. This bug occurs when shaco uses Deceive BEFORE or AFTER his Hallucinate(utimate). What normally should happen is that it doesnt matter how many times or when shaco's clone basic attacks enemy champion before shaco does if he has used his Deceive(Q) to be able to critically strike. He should always be able to have his QUARENTEED critical strike(100% critical strike chance) for the next basic attack within 6 seconds of his Deceive(Q) cast. This bug occurs against any enemy unit(monsters, minions enemy champions) as you can see from the video clips i have recorded for youtube. This is an incredibly game breaking bug for shaco and it needs to be fixed immidiately. This bug occurs on EUW for me since i only have accounts on EUW but its most likely global problem with Shaco's Deceive(Q). This bug also occurs at ALL times. Bug on minions: Bug on champions: bug on jungle monsters:
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