[GAMEPLAY] Kha'Zix Isolation Bug

**At the moment there’s a bug in which certain entities remove Isolation for Kha’zix.** All of the causes recorder are for patch 9.13, because before that, they didn't remove Isolation and it hasn't been mentioned in patch notes as far as I know but I could be wrong since I can’t remember every interaction that removes isolation purposely before patch 9.13, which is why we're gonna use a common rule of thump: _**"Champions , minions and pets (Tibbers from Annie, Daisy from Ivern , Heimerdinger turrets e.t.c.) should remove Isolation"** _ and here’s [leagueoflegends fandom](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Kha'Zix) take on this: **_"Kha'Zix marks all enemy units who don't have any targetable enemy ally nearby them as Isolated."_** , which I believe to be far more accurate. All that said here’s a list of causes we found unusual as Kha’Zix mains: **Removes isolation:** • Cait’s Trap • Skarner’s Passive (Only removes isolation when captured) • Scuttle ward • Jayce’s Acceleration Gate (In effect or not, doesn’t matter) **Doesn’t remove Isolation:** • Anti-ward / Wards • Allies effects (Removes isolation while the cause being your own teammate e.g. Graga’s Barrel in your own team would remove Isolation) **Hasn't been tested:** • Karthus's Pasive (Karhus death form) • Jarvan Flag • Yuumi (Disclaimer: That didn’t apply on older patch) • Corki Package • Gragas Barrel • Bards Meeps (“little eggmen” -u/doug4130) • Kindred’s Wolf • Diana’s Q • Shadow Orbs from Syndra • Singed’s Gas • Trundle’s Pillar • Lulu's Pix (Applies to whoever it’s on) • Oriana’s Ball • GunBlade • Zoe (Passive / unknown) • Heca (Unknown) • Camille’s Passive or/and E • Corpses of Champions (Sometimes?) • Thresh’s Lantern We went through the process of making [**a video**](https://vimeo.com/345709414) as well proving that it actually exists, honestly it was pretty rushed mainly because we wanted to report this as fast as possible but we hope it's good enough. I would advice having a look at the sources as well because they have some videos that could seem helpful but they aren't tested in a vacuum so take them with a grain of salt. _**Edit:**_ The link linked to the post is broken, [here's the fixed one](https://vimeo.com/345709414) or click the phrase "a video" . **Sources:** https://reddit.com/r/KhaZixMains/comments/c6p4gw/khazix_isolation_bugged_in_this_patch/ https://reddit.com/r/KhaZixMains/comments/c6nh04/khazix_isolation_vs_kindred/ https://reddit.com/r/KhaZixMains/comments/c7qwsm/a_few_more_khazix_isolation_bugs/ **Special Thanks to:** _u/SKT_KhaZix L2K WindSong eFadey (FadeyBoiiiii) KhautistZix (Joe) u/TinjusX1 u/VirtueBot Creators of the sources and comments_

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