Ahri's Tails Locations

{{champion:103}} Ok, so this is something that has been bugging me, and has probably bugged others. I dont zoom in alot, but I dont believe this is a bug, nor do I know where I should actually place this in the Forums. On Ahri, when her tails are combined, they look natural, and within the right area where the skeleton would be for such a creature. As this is the same within her art. BUT. (This is literally the point) When you stand still with Ahri, during Auto Attacking, or Taunt, Joke etc, or Just waiting under turret. Her tails all seem to come out of different locations across her waist. Its something so small, but yet, it manages to irratate some players who to see this coming from one of their favourite mid laners. Can Riot please just fix this? http://tinypic.com/r/2uf6lgg/9
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