[GAMEPLAY] Talon has a lot of bugs that need to be addressed

* Blade's End tooltip displays the ability name twice, in the spell description. * Q's indicator is shorter than the actual range (applies for both ranged and melee Q). * If rooted, Talon's Q makes him grunt if he casts it on an in-range enemy, even though he can't dash. * Ranged Q's dash/blink follow system is a mess. Sometimes it follows, sometimes not, and sometimes it makes Talon AFK for 1 second, then suddenly teleports him to his target. It's very random and unreliable. * Melee Q makes Talon automatically basic attack his target, like Wukong's Q, for example. But if you double-press the ability, the attack gets canceled and Talon just stays idle. This happens because, for some reason, Q can be buffered again during its cast time, so Talon tries to Q his target a second time, even though the ability is on cooldown, instead of basic attacking it. * Abilities blocked by spell shields (and Fiora's W) visually apply Passive Wound stacks, even though the stacks were actually blocked. This creates a lot of confusion. * When unmaxed, Talon's E tooltip shows the terrain's cooldown 15 seconds longer than it actually is... and the back/side-flips are still there even after the bugfix. They occur less often, but definitely at least once per day for me. And pressing E makes Talon grunt like he would be jumping over a wall, even if he's not. * Talon's ultimate's first instance throws the ring of blades closer than normal, then, after the 0.7s delay, they teleport further where they should had been. This bug is visual only, the hitbox is unaffected.
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