[CRASH] Game launch crashes on 9.20 under WINE

Crashing in-game on patch 9.20 - "A critical error has occurred"
So I just updated league to 9.20 on my Lutris AppImage install and now league is crashing as soon as it launches the in-game client. I tried reinstalling and used both the standard AppImage and dx9 versions, but it just crashes with an error message as soon it tries to launch in game.
As mentioned on the r/leagueoflinux subreddit no games can launch under WINE as of 9.20. I know Linux isn't officially supported but there is a passionate group of players who only play on Linux, myself included. I was very pleased to see that League ran well under WINE and haven't had any issues playing all summer. I hope this bug can get resolved soon either by Riot, WINE, or the Lutris AppImage maintainers. I'm playing under Lutris but any WINE installation should work. Steps to reproduce 1. Launch client under WINE 2. Login 3. Launch any game mode. In this case, try practice tool.

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