Submitted a bug on Shen a while ago, Its been a known bug for over 3 months.... (Hail of Blades Bug)

So I was making a new rune page one day, and i realized the amount of potential that Hail of Blades has on Shen, as it synergizes really well with his q. His q counts as a basic attack, not an ability, and I know this because frozen mallet passive works with it, and frozen mallet only procs off basic attacks, not abilities. So i try Hail of Blades out, and It simply doesn't go off... It legit doesn't proc off of Shen's q. This bug has a really weird effect though, when he uses his q, Shen doesn't get attack speed, but he swings his sword faster. If that makes sense. The physical swing is faster, but he cant attack again any quicker. Shen has to perform a normal basic attack and then use his q to make use of this keystone, which is terrible. PLEASE fix this bug!! Thanks {{champion:98}}
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