Crashes for days

Hey, Recently I updated Windows 10 (don't know if this is the problem) and I have found significantly decreased performance in League many times crashing. I have a fairly beefy laptop that normally runs league at 110 or so fps at highest settings. Recently I have been running league at 50 or so but it feels like so much less. Often times my league game will crash, normally when I'm tabbing back into the game and almost always in the beginning. Everything just freezes and I have no control over my computer, I cant ctrl+alt+delete, alt+tab, nothing and it's completely unresponsive. I assumed this could be due to a malfunction of my hard ware. I ran tests on everything, but everything checked out fine. I then completely re-installed windows in an attempt to boost performance and rid myself of any junk. I re-installed league, hopped into my first game (after going through leaver buster {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} ) Right as the game loads in, everything freezes and I am forced to power off my computer and power it back on (not leaving me enough time to get in before remake) If anyone else is having this problem please let me know, I would love to know this is happening to others and it's not a broken computer.
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