Look, I know this has been talked about a bunch here already

Hey guys and gals at Riot: I want to play your game. However, it is not very motivating when I get through champ select and the game crashes and won't let me connect unless I go through an unreasonably long process to get my game working again. I have been tagged as a leaver three or four times now, despite being Honor 5 and never having intentionally left a game in my life. Despite the fact that I eventually do reconnect (usually after about ten minutes), it doesn't matter - by then the damage is done. I don't like losing my ARAM rerolls because of this. I don't like inadvertently ruining the game for my teammates because of a bug that I cannot control. This has been an issue for weeks now. Weeks. What is the timetable for having this issue resolved? A patch from now? Two patches from now?
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