Game client anti-cheat changes going live

**TL;DR:** Anti-cheat improvements will soon be live. If you run into issues loading League, try temporarily disabling third-party software and reply to the thread below to let us know what did or didn’t work. Hey everyone, This week we’re rolling out anti-cheat changes to the League of Legends game client in North America, with other regions scheduled to follow shortly. These changes were created to help protect players from cheaters, and we’ve worked hard to help provide a safer and more competitive playing experience for everyone. We’ve collaborated with software vendors and content creators to ensure compatibility with as many products as possible, but unfortunately, our update may still impact some legitimate third-party software. There are a lot of legitimate applications out there that we know you love, and we can’t test them all. We’ll need your help to identify the software that’s incompatible.** If you encounter a critical error message during the game**, try temporarily uninstalling or disabling the following software, and then comment below with what you disabled and whether it worked. - Security software (anti-virus and anti-malware products) - In-game overlay software (Steam, Discord, TeamSpeak, Overwolf, ASUS Sonic Radar, etc) - Streaming software (XSplit, OBS, Raptr, etc) - Video capture software (Fraps, ShadowPlay, etc) Our mission in creating this software is to keep the game fair for players everywhere. We know how frustrating it is when new features work in unexpected ways, so please comment below so we can look into any issues you’re facing and work toward resolving them as soon as possible. See you on the Rift!
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