[CRASH]- Black Screen after champion select in all game modes (MAC)-Patch 6.2/Sona-Bug related

I tried to spectate a game before realizing there was a Sona in it. After I quit spectating that game, I tried to play an ARAM myself and everything was fully functional until I got to the loading screen post champion select and after that I just got a black screen. I tried to restart my client, I tried to wait it out, but nothing worked. I've tried making custom games on both Summoner's Rift and ARAM, and I keep getting the same black screen no matter what. I think this has something to do with the Sona bug, but it sucks that because I tried to spectate a game with the Sona bug in it, I can no longer play LoL. Rito please fix :C Tl;dr: Issue: Game won't progress past champion select. All you get is a black loading screen. System: MacBook Air -OS X 10.9.5 Reproduce: Spectate a game with Sona in it, and you won't be able to play any game on LoL after that no matter how many times you restart your client. Other: Looking on other message boards, it looks like reinstalling the game doesn't fix the issue either. Before spectating the game, Patch 6.2 still worked on Mac (still let me play games).
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