Morgana's interaction with Yordles

This has been going on ever since she was updated, but I need to be sure if this is a bug or if it's actually intentional. Everytime I walk up to an unwarded bush, fog of war complete surrounding the area and I have 0 vision of any Yordle, Morgana still says "Did someone send you here as a joke, Yordle? Did Kayle send you?" Because of this, I once managed to avoid a fed Tristana/Fizz hiding in the bush for a bait. (I walked around the corner in the bot lane tribush so they didn't see me either.) One time I was playing Morgana Mid and I roamed top, I walked up to the middle bush (unwarded) in top lane and heard Morgana say the same line even though I had no vision of anything. I put a W in the bush and saw a Teemo immediately run out and I caught him and killed him. Although it's nice, this is an unfair advantage and I thought i'd report it.

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