Patch 9.14 - "A critical error has occurred" Report Megathread

There's been quite a lot of instances of this issue occurring. To help resolve the issue as best as possible, if/when your game shows this error, please collect the dump file **while the game is still running** and provide it here. To generate a dump file: > - Start Task Manager - Find "League of Legends (32 bit)" under the Background processes section (not Apps section) on the Processes tab - Right click it and select create dump file. This will create the dump and tell you where it is stored (you can copy+paste that file path) - Find the file (will be a DMP File type) and reduce its size by Right click > Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder - Upload this compressed file to a google drive and share here. Alternatively, you can open a support ticket and attach the file to the ticket. Thank you!
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