Random FPS drops that last for a few seconds and as a result make the game stutter!

It all started a few patches ago and at first i thought nothing of it because my fps drops about 10-15 points during teamfights either way. But recently i've experienced so much as a 50% fps drop instantly for a about 2 - 3 seconds at a time and my biggest problem is that they keep happening throughout the game and it makes laning almost impossible. Because when the fps drops by so much so fast it makes the game stutter until my fps goes back to normal. I've already made a bug report and submitted a ticket and i'm waiting for a response. I'm creating this post because when i watch streamers i see the same random fps drops happen to them as well, which leads me to believe that this isn't an issue that is unique only to me. And i want to see if others are having this same problem.
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