Syndra Nuances and Bugs - Objective Analysis [dry read but very informative]

If you don't read through, please at least cast your vote in the pole - Thank you! This is a objective based analysis on Syndra ability bugs using Quickcast With Indicator and the Justicar Syndra skin (because it is my favorite). (Correct) Q Indicator - Spheres can be place anywhere within indicator without requiring movement and also can be placed during continuous movement. (Generalized "bug") Q at Indicator max range- Sphere placed at max indicator range not consistent. *Terrain height not taken into account for indicator such as height in river vs. height in lane. Casts will fall short or long depending on champion terrain height and sphere terrain height.* (Correct) Q placed outside Indicator - movement command issued until cursor placement is in range to cast Q at max range *see generalized bug above if you get different result* (Correct) W 1st cast Indicator - Spheres can be picked up anywhere inside indicator. Spheres in range can be picked up with continuous movement. (Bugged) W gold throw range Indicator - Slightly bigger than W 1st cast Indicator *Needs to match ability range* (Bugged) W 2nd cast Indicator - Indicator larger than previous two W indicators. Spheres can be thrown outside previous indicators and up to 2nd cast Indicator Range. If thrown at max 2nd Indicator range and cursor held constant, movement is required to pick it back up. If cursor is moved well within indicator but close enough to select sphere at max 2nd cast indication range, no movement is required to pick it back up. *All three indicators should have identical range indication and 1st and 2nd cast range need to be set to the same range.* (Bugged) Two Spheres in range. Hitting W 1st cast inside range but with cursor far enough away from any sphere hit box will ignore cursor and pick up the sphere closest to Syndra. *This should instead pick up sphere closest to cursor* (Bugged) Sphere within range. Hitting W 1st cast outside range forces Syndra to walk the difference between cursor and cast range before picking up the sphere despite the sphere being in range sooner. *Sphere needs to be picked up as soon as it is within range and movement held continuous. Setting sphere selection to be closest to cursor allows this to be possible. This needs tested with additional mouse movement command* (Bugged) Two Spheres, one in range one outside range. Hitting W first cast outside of hitbox on sphere outside of range will force movement and then pick up sphere closest to Syndra. [difficult to accurately replicate, lots of conditions] *This should instead pick up sphere closest to cursor* (Correct generalized, Bugged specific) E cast Indicator - Spheres within indicator are correctly moved. If indicator slightly touches sphere animation outside E indicator on its sides, spheres are correctly moved. *See below for bugs.* (Bugged) Spheres close to Syndra can be move 90 degrees each direction from the direction of the E cast allowing for 180+ range to E [only works if sphere extremely close. I imagine this is terribly difficult to code giving the tiny E area closest to Syndra. Don't have suggestion at this time on how or what to fix] (Bugged) Sphere full knockback range not acheived for spheres extremely close to Syndra. (Bugged) E cast Indicator on spheres - Indicator does not go to max Q range but can still knockback sphere at max Q range. (Bugged) E cast Indicator on Enemies - Enemies alone at max Q range are not knocked back. Enemy knockback distance is fixed distance from enemy position. Full knockback range not acheived. *Knockback on enemies alone should push them to max knockback range independent of enemy position to Syndra.* (Correct) E on sphere and enemy - E correctly pushes what it contacts first. Enemy can be pushed to sphere position and then push the sphere resulting in a stunned enemy. (Bugged) Stunning an enemy also pushes enemy a very short distance. *Enemy should remain stationary. [I understand the middle ground here of stunning with a tiny shove. Imagine stunning an opponent for your jungler and your jungler misses his spell beacuse the enemy was moved a great deal. Now imagine stunning an opponent who is right on top of you and the slight push gives you an advantage to move away. However, I would rather have a slightly longer stun duration with no knockback at all when enemy is stunned.]* (Correct) R [1,2] works as intended with number of spheres and range both inside and outside indicator (Bugged) R maxed - R on enemy outside range will correctly walk up and cast R as soon as enemy is with in range, but then will then issue a movement command closer to the enemy by the difference of 75 between R [1,2] range and R [max] range. *This extra movement can be cancelled with the stop command or issuing a different movement command, but still very annoying.* (Correct) casting or throwing sphere during R animation picks up those spheres. Holding onto a Sphere with W prevents it from being part of R animation as intended. *Would appreciate someone else verifying that the W passive is truly bugged or if I overlooked the math involved. I used a dummy in the practice tool with may not be correctly coded [seen it before].* (Correct) Q passive - extra damage correctly applied (?Bugged?) W passive - true damage not applied to dummy? "Please help me confirm* (Correct) E spell width increased (Correct) R range correctly increased (Correct) Ability cast outside range but immediately flashed to with in range will successful cast ability at cursor location ?Bug? in practice tool - Runes cooldowns are not refreshed when the toggle is on. This makes testing some runes very time consuming and challenging. If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read! If you are interested in my soft analysis of her, please see my post titled "Syndra". I may add a video of these bugs if there is enough interest from the community. Thanks again!

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