Issue with settings reverting after Neeko release hotfix

I use customized settings for League, and rely heavily on my setup working to be able to play properly. The short version is that I have Attack Move remapped to left click, but since the settings in game don't work very well (issues with UI interactions and such) I've edited the .json file directly. The most notable changes that I've made are: Attack Move Click set to Button 1 Player Select Click set to Button 1/Button 3 (scroll wheel click) Hud Movable Select set to Button 1/Button 3 OnUIMouse1 set to Button 1/Button 3 After the Neeko release hotfix released, I played a ranked game and everything went just fine. Started another game, and suddenly ALL of my settings reverted to default. My attack move on left click didn't work, and neither did any of my scroll wheel settings. So naturally, the game was lost, since I essentially couldn't play the game. I left the game, went into my .json and found everything had indeed reverted. So I spent a while going through the .json and setting up my settings the way I like them again. Start another game to test them, and they've all reset to default again. After hours of troubleshooting, I found two problems: The first is that, for some reason, when I open the .json file in notepad, at the end of the file, there is an extra set of closing brackets for the code. Obviously, this causes the file to crash, which likely causes League to reset the file in an attempt to start the game, resulting in a default settings file. This is easy enough to fix, as I can just delete the extra brackets and get on with my life. The second issue I've found is much more difficult to handle. One of the settings that I use to mitigate the problems with UI interaction when using attack move on left mouse is "evtPlayerSelectClick" I have this set to both Button 1 and Button 3, so that any time I left click to attack, or click the scroll wheel, I can check player items, health, tower health, etc, as well as open the shop. Before the hotfix releasing Neeko, this seems to have worked perfectly fine, for years at a time (since season 5 or so). But now, after making that change in the .json file, I'll get into a game, and the settings will work completely as intended, then when I leave and start a second game, the settings revert to whatever was saved before the "evtPlayerSelectClick" was changed. It doesn't seem to be a default setting anymore, as when it reverts (and when I manually reset to default), the setting cannot be found natively anywhere in the .json. This is a pretty big issue, since things like opening the shop and clicking on players/minions/towers/monsters to check their stats is a pretty integral part of the game. Does anyone know if: a) There was a change recently that would cause this problem, and b) If there is a workaround that I can use to continue using my middle mouse to carry out these actions? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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