[CLIENT] "Username or password is incorrect", but they aren't.

When trying to log in this morning, I'm getting the "Username or password is incorrect. Please try logging in again. If you have forgotten your password click here." message. After retyping my password very carefully and still getting that, my first thought was that my account might have been hijacked. I was, however, able to log in to the website with my normal password (here I am posting, after all). Nevertheless, I requested a password reset, got the email, and changed the password. Alas, when I tried to log in, I still got the same message. I've tried restarting the client, and restarting my computer just for the sake of it, but it doesn't seem to be working. Is anyone else getting this and have we found a solution? Thanks in advance! [UPDATE]: As soon as I posted this I saw a message from Riot saying they were aware of the issue and working on it, so we hang in there! [UPDATE 2]: I was able to get in and start a match now, so I can only guess they found a fix. Enjoy your matches!

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