Software Mouse Mac OS Sierra 10.13.4

So, my computer randomly decided to update itself tonight. I was like, ok... I hope it doesn't screw with League. Of course, it does. So, something I've been using for a very long time and gotten really used to no longer works. This is the "_Software Mouse_" feature under "_Game_". Whenever I turn it on the mouse movements are really glitchy. If Riot can't fix this bug I'll have no choice but to quit. I'm used to the vertical sync setting and literally play like trash without it. The controls don't feel responsive at all (At least to me) when I'm not using it. Really though, please upvote this thread because I know it's not only me. WE MAC USERS NEED TO BAND TOGETHER. Make Riot fix this bug that has been going on for over a year now. Sidenote: If you guys know of a way to fix this, please, please let me know. Edit: Why am I getting downvoted!? I just want an explanation of why this is happening. I know that you can turn it off but it doesn't play the same way. Please someone tell me :/
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