I have played today a ranked TFT, and I went with some Yordles, Sorceres and Knights After leveling to 6, It didn't show that I had 7 Yordles even though I had: Tristana, Lulu, Poppy, Veigar, Gnar and Kennen as raw Yordles, and Garen with Mittens (the item that makes a non-Yordle champ, a Yordle) After every round (win or lose, it doesn't matter) on the buffs bar (left on your screen) the number of champions and the buffs dissapeared. For it to work again, you have to take a random champion from the ground and place it in your "inventory" (i dont know how that is called) and then place it again down on the ground! Sorry for my English, I hope you can all understand what I try to say here!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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