Big mistake

So the cause of this pole Is to tell riot we are not happy about the store priestege capsules bug and to tell them we exist and we won't allow u to get away with this... Whether u pay to get your skins or buy capsule or you don't Its not fair that some players were able to get hundreds of skins and exclusive items that u have paid a lot for them or have always wanted to get them just because a billion dollar company couldn't protect its spaghetti code not only that but no they don't intend to do something about it, I mean I don't want these players banned or something don't get me wrong they did nothing wrong but u either claim back the loot they got through that bug or u just give all players the same amount of capsules they would have got in the time of the bug... Please no silly comments u either provide something helpfull or say ur opinion respectfully or just choose no.
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