I'm literally in tears over this bug: sorting rune pages STILL gives me whiplash.

Steps to reproduce: 1) Create a few rune pages. 2) Try to sort them into alphabetical order. 3) Try to sort them into reverse alphabetical order. 4) GOOD LUCK. This bug has existed since day 1, when they first created the ability to sort the rune pages, and I reported it on day one and it's still exactly the same. WARNING: Signs of whiplash may include pain in your neck, accelerated breathing, loss of brain cells (which could be fatal), clenched jaw (which could make swallowing difficult), also bruising around the legs, knees and knuckles, which may be accompanied by bashed objects or holes in the walls. Changes in mood or behavior, including uncontrollable outbursts of wrath, which may be serious if left untreated. Tell your doctor if you experience any sudden urges to kill yourself, and stop attempting to sort the rune pages immediately.

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