[GAMEPLAY] Tryndamere cannot laugh while using E - spinning slash

Before the visual rework, Tryndamere can use laugh action while using E - spinning slash. Doing this will have Tryndamere's portrait laughing but the blades would still spin around him. After the visual rework, Tryndamere can still laugh and spin, but the blade spinning animation is completely removed. Now at 9.13, Tryndamere simply cannot laugh and spin any more. This is an easy test and it involves key input so I am not going to make a video about it. Steps: Get in a game as Tryndamere. Level up E. Use E and in the middle of spinning, press the keys for laugh (I bind my laugh to C), observe that Tryndamere does not react to laugh while spinning but can do so otherwise. This lasted the whole game. I know laughing actually cancelling the animation is troublesome and unwanted, but if we can have spinning blades while laughing before, we can have it with rework. Please don't just simply remove this feature altogether. Think about how sad Foggedftw would be when he finds out about it. Thanks! FQVBSina
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