Performance Issues and More

1) When loading into a game, I always drop into the game with about 11 seconds on the timer out of the loading screen. This only gives me 4 seconds to buy items before the gates drop. This only started this patch. 2) When swapping screens with Alt+Tab, the game remains black for a really long time when swapping back. This has been around for about 4 patches. 3) When Alt+Tabbing in general, especially in the loading screen, League is really unresponsive and slow to do this. This is 2018, games shouldn't be doing this. Overwatch, for example, has no trouble. 4) Blitzcrank's E can knock people up while they are untargettable. This includes stuff like Fizz E, and even Zhonya's Hourglass. This bug has been around for years and hasn't been touched. 5) When walking horizontally through a line of minions marching to lane (such as when you are Jungling and cross Mid lane), they often will cause your character to have a seizure and not be able to pass through. Minion pathing really needs to be overhauled, it is frustrating to deal with this RNG element every game. 6) Ping increases, but is reset when leaving a game and reconnecting. For example, I usually have 60 stable ping. My ping will suddenly rise to 400, and then finally settle at a stable 150 ping. If I leave the game and reconnect, it goes back to 60 ping. This indicates it is the game, not my internet, that is causing this. 7) Massive performance drops. I have a fast computer capable of running League at 120 FPS. Why is it that this patch I am getting 40 FPS in teamfights? That is a 66% performance drop. 8) For the entirety of this season, I have been getting random game freezes. The whole game will sieze up for 1 or 2 seconds, seemingly randomly. This is just as likely to happen to me just walking alone as it is in a teamfight, hinting that it isn't a direct perfomance issue caused by frames dropping in complicated rendering scenes, but in fact something else entirely.
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