Weekly rune disappearance

So I just logged on and for the 4th time in two weeks my runes have been deleted. I tried different ways of making and selecting runes, but anything i try the runes get deleted within a few days. I tried making all the runes together, deleted a day after. I tried logins for each page, deleted 3 days after. I tried not changing the runes in champ select, deleted 5 days after. I tried only making runes in champ select, and again a day later and gone. I also tried fulling all the pages and leaving a few open, neither worked. So can i ask, is there any way to get my runes back? Because making 9 rune pages every few days is getting old fast. EDIT: right, so 5 days on and its happened AGAIN. EDIT: And it happened a day later again... can someone please fix this
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