[CLIENT] Chat messages in improper sequence

Recently, my messages in the in game client have been showing up out of order. From what I can tell, the messages are ordered by minutes and messages received are placed above messages sent. It causes a really strange set of interactions where conversations come in disjointed. I've included some screenshots below (ironically talking about the problem I'm having). [Link to photos](http://imgur.com/a/RYdyS) The correct order should read as follows: > [12:21PM] aceofsween: btw, is the client chat fucking up for you? > [12:21PM] (Name removed): i dont think so > how do you mean > ?> > [12:21PM] aceofsween: messages are showing up in the wrong order > they're all sorted by minutes > so like all your incoming messages come before all of mine in that minute > [12:22PM] (Name removed): thats strange > and broke
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