[Client] Friends list, chat, adding friends, etc.

It's been weeks since with issues with the chat and friend groups. Here are the major issues I am encountering: -People show up as [...] or random stream of letters and numbers (I'm assuming their player ID). Chat isn't connecting a majority of the time and that makes it difficult to communicate with the rest of my team in the pre-game (or even post!) lobby. It just says [Connecting...] and nothing happens. -I keep getting errors when I try to add people I've played with, some who were awesome people! I'm disappointing I won't be able to connect to them ever again. -Trying to add friends to my game lobby but it says they can't be found, even though they're in my friends list. We both have to restart our clients to get anything to work. Statuses are being stuck as blue "in game" because of this. -The friends list and chat on the side occasionally gets bugged where I can't see anyone in the folders or even open up a chat, nothing shows up when I hit any buttons, even a restart does not fix this issue sometimes. I don't know how to recreate any of this as it seems to be random. Can we please at least get addressed that this is an issue from riot? Please? Myself and many others feel ignored. Ever since the removal of Dominion, rotating game modes, and TT friends are the ONLY reason I play this game, and now that's even becoming a serious frustration. It's one of the few ways I have to connect with my sibling as well with my disabilities.
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