Runes don't apply correctly and the stats lie

I just played an ARAM match trying to do AD Twisted Fate. The issues here are in the runes and the stats not reading my AD and AP correctly. I had Eyeball Collection. Despite building AD, it gave me the full AP Adaptive value of 30. My AP Stat was reading as 48 AP, yet when I hovered over it, it displayed a total of 0 AP. To add to that, my total AD didn't make sense. At level 14, Twisted Fate in ARAM has 90 base AD. It showed I had bonus AD of 69, making for a total of 159. Triforce and a Vamp Scepter make 40 bonus AD, and if the Eyeball Collection was applying AD, it would have been a total of 18 AD adaptive. Meaning I would have had 58 bonus AD. My Offense and Flex slots on my rune page is set to 9 Adaptive Force. That's another 18 Adaptive Force. If applied to my AD, I would have had a total bonus AD of 76, yet I only had 69 Bonus AD. Does this confuse you? If so, we are both on the same boat. Nothing was working properly with my stats, What was being displayed for my AD and AP was nowhere near what it should have been, and even if my Adaptive Force was all AP, that still doesn't make sense where the extra 29 bonus AD came from. Riot, what's going on here? Seriously, I had to watch the replay to make sure of all of this and even still, it doesn't make sense. Please fix your stuff, because if ARAMs are not safe, that means there are ranked matches that could potentially be affected by these bugs.

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