(GAME) All of my allies Disconnected after first blood

League Crash
Uploaded by FearTheRam on 2018-07-31.
Good morning/Afternoon I am not sure how i can describe this but my first game on League today happen around 30 minutes ago rank game nothing else everyone communicating nothings going on until anivia hits first blood once she hits first blood my League client crashed an told me to issue a bug report i did not click it for fear of me being late to my game but once i returned into the game i talked to others and said oh sorry my bad my game crashed and the response from them was the same thing their game has crashed i am not sure if this is happening to anyone else but i can remember before i Disconnected i saw someone Flash an emote and that emote got the full face of the emote covered in black i am not sure if an emote could have caused me to crash but i remember right before the crash someone flashed an emote and it was covered in a black square. (and yes i lost and i lost 20 LP)
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