Explain @Riot

Riot, for the last week and couple days my LP gains have been stupidly low and it’s starting to piss me off. How is it that when I win a game I’m only rewarded with 12 to 13 LP but when I lose y’all be taking 19 to 21 LP from me.... How am I supposed to climb if you aren’t making it fair for me to climb in the first place, I have to grind double what I do just to have a normal climb ratio, every 2 games I win equals an average LP gain for the normal person and I’m fuckin tired of it, fix your shit Riot or at least my shit. I have screenshots if you want proof, I’ll even tweet them to you, all I’m askin is for you to fix this whatever it is, for Christ sakes I just came out a game and a dude on the enemy team said he lost 9LP, HOW IS THAT FAIR?! I need to know if this is only happening to me...

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