Unable to select Chromas on ARAM? (6.21)

So, I got Nami in ARAM just now, so I figured "sweet, I'll use the Twilight Chroma I picked up back during the IP sale." However, there was no option to select chromas for the Koi Nami skin in Champ select, and when the game loaded, it was the standard skin. I even went back into the shop to confirm I did own the Twilight Koi Nami Chroma. Was this due to the fact that the old Chromas were never coded properly to be sold individually (As such, they wouldn't appear until I buy the remaining Koi Nami Chromas), or was this a result of the original champ select interface still being used for ARAM? EDIT: Just got Darius in ARAM, I own one of his base Chromas, and still not able to select it.

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