Can't connect to the game

After the 8.12 online I cannot start even a single game, after the champion select the game will just crash. By searching for hours and try to understand why it happens, because before the patch hit it worked just fine. And I found someone posted says that "xunyount.dll" is the problem. So I tried some way to fix the game and probably got the result. xunyount.dll is a dll file used by XunYou International Online Game Accelerator I need to use this software to play some other games, like I used it to boost the connection to play some online games for Chinese server(because I live in Canada) but I think it do change some LSP setting because the software worked that way. Been used this software for few years and I guess that is a big NONO to rito's new anti-cheating system. So I just "netsh winsock reset" and restart my PC, the crash problem gone. I can load my games now. To prove it, after success load to my game, I opened XunYou again to test if it is the problem, in fact, I cannot load once again. So I think this is the main reason for the league of crash. Since it is a Chinese software I guess rito didn't put them into the test list anyway. Now if I want to play league I have to go win+R open the cmd, and type "netsh winsock reset" then restart the PC every single time until you fix the problem. YA TY RITO.
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