[GAMEPLAY] Crafted Ward Skin and Purchased Emote Failed to Appear in Inventory

Earlier today (10/25/19) I received 2 gemstones as a reward for completing a 10 year anniversary mission. I used both gemstones to unlock masterwork chests. I received the Roses Ward Skin which which I upgraded ward skin permanent. After unlocking the ward I went to equip it but it was not in my inventory. I received all other loot from the chest except for the crafted ward skins. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Upon realizing I didn't have the ward in my inventory, I checked other recent items I had acquired. It was then when I noticed I had not received any emotes I purchased with Worlds 2019 Tokens. I had received confirmation that both the emotes and ward skins were added to my inventory, but neither of them were present ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Opened Masterwork chest that had been obtained with gemstones. * Received Roses Ward Skin Shard * Upgraded Skin Shard to permanent * Failed to appear in inventory ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Purchased emote with Worlds 2019 Tokens (I forgot which one) * Failed to appear in inventory ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I would like to point out that I tried equipping both of them during champ select, they both still failed to appear. _Sorry if I did this wrong, this is my first thread on the forums._

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