NUNU REWORK: Some bugs, unintended interactions, and clunkiness.

Overall, Nunu is a great rework, but there are some things that are a bit off. ___ **NUNU'S PASSIVE: Call of the Freljord** 1. *Clunky:* **When the timer of Nunu's passive runs out during his auto attack cleave animation, Nunu's entire auto attack is cancelled.** This feels really bad. If Nunu initiates his auto attack, the cleave should complete no matter what, even if the timer runs out during it. 2. *Bug:* On the wiki, it states: **"**Willump's [basic attacks]( additionally deal **30% AD** [**bonus physical damage**]( against the **main target** and to enemies around himself.**" This does not happen in-game** if the damage numbers are anything to go by, and your autos deal normal damage to the main target. 3. *Clunky:* **Activating Nunu's passive SHOULD** ***either:*** **reset his auto attack timer,** ***OR*** **have a slight delay before the cleave bonus kicks in.** The reason for this is that if you auto attack a target, the timer starts right away, but you have to wait for your next auto attack, thus **wasting a significant portion of the passive buff**. You can get around this by using Q first, or a close-ranged E. However, using W or auto attacking feels really bad, as you lose some time. ___ **NUNU'S W: Biggest Snowball Ever!** 1. *Bug:* On the wiki, it states: **"**The snowball will affect enemies it passes through, and **explodes upon colliding** with an **enemy** [**champion**](, **large** [**monster**]( or **terrain**.**"** However, **the snowball also seems to explode upon colliding** with **medium-sized monsters** (medium Krugs) and **player-generated minions** (Malzahar's Voidling's, Heimerdinger's Turrets, etc). This seems like an unintended interaction. 2. *Bug:* Occasionally, **Nunu will ignore the specific running animation that is intended for Nunu's W, and will instead use a normal walking or even homeguard animation.** I have only observed this on Nunu Bot, because that is the only skin that I play, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened on other skins too. 3. *Clunky:* **Player-generated terrain has a much larger hitbox than expected, and will explode Nunu's snowball even if he has not directly collided with it.** This is especially prevelant with Anivia's wall, as Nunu will be about half a Champion-width away and still have his snowball exploded.
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