Hi peoples out there. I was making a ranked game with my 2 friends so we were 3 premades. We made a ranked game and on the loading screen one of my friends game crashed and he tried reconnecting it, it still crashed even though his internet was fine so due to other peoples voted yes for remake, he went in leaver buster. Secondly, I again made a ranked game with my friend so we were 2 premades now, on the loading screen his game crashed and same happened to him. Third time I was fckin left alone to play ranked so I made a game and at loading screen my game crashed and it never reconnected and at 3 attempt it kicked me out to the main screen and said "Whoa,the server say's I am already in an existing game restart the client" I did restarted the client and when I reconnected guess what I see they did remaked it again and I am in leaver buster. So now tell me fckin RIOT your every patch sucks in one of the other way sometimes it lags too fckin much, it never crashed for me thanks to you even gave that too. I don't understand what fck is this when your game cant be perfectly running, why do you put it on us like just gave leaver buster for nothing at all. There should be atleast a way which could let you or the server tell it was Game Crashed not actual afk so we don't get a fckin leaver buster.
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