after loading screen game freezes my entire computer

after loading screen game freezes my entire computer and i'm forced to restart my cpu. I hurry back into the game as fast as i can and try my best and win and lose 25 lp for leaving at the beginning of the game. I've talked to other people in the game and they have the same exact issue too. I'm in many games where people don't return for the first 6-8 minutes of a game and the same thing happens to them. I just want my hard earned lp back but riot doesn't care because they say it ruins the integrity of their ranked games. Well where is their integrity in owning up to this bug on their client? I haven't played league in a few years and I'm quickly starting to remember why I quit in the first place. The lack of any real support from admins and acknowledgement of any fault on their end put a bad taste in my mouth. I just want what is mine riot it's hard enough to earn 25 lp. This situation this season has cost me at least 200 lp from my 550 ranked games this season.
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