Hey everyone! I doubt anyone who plays against Neekos have pointed this out yet but uhhh..... Riot Neeko passive gets ~~cock ~~ blocked by League of Dark Harvest. If Neeko decides to take the form of a lets say full HP Darius but she at the time is low hp..... Enemy dark harvest will show up on Neeko, making her passive ~~more~~ useless. I'm sure the Neeko "mains" out there will thank me as they wouldn't know themselves. Just make it so the Dark harvest visual effect wont show up on a Neeko who safely got out of line of sight when she uses her passive. Side Note: Omg what has this game come to? lol i got flamed for not taking flash in a game? WHAT?! LUL Less deaths, most assist, most kills,highest vision score YIKES!
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