[GAMEPLAY] Visual Effect Error On Super Galaxy Elise Q in Spider Form

Only noticed twice while in 2 different normal games but sometimes when casting {{champion:60}} Q in spider form with the Super Galaxy skin equipped on a Krug a green particle effect flies from the left of my screen to the Krug/{{champion:60}} while casting Venomous Bite. Occurred on both Krug camps but did not seem to happen at any other camps. I noticed it first in normals on SR, and was able to recreate it in the practice tool: 1. Auto-Refresh Cooldown was active 2. I only used Q to farm bot side krugs to start with and reproduced the bug twice, only on one of the medium sized krugs that spawn from the large krug 3. Farmed entire red side jungle using only Q and did not see any visual error 4. Farmed top side krugs using only Q, was able to reproduce bug once on the same size krug from before. I was able to reproduce the bug a total of 3 times over the course of about 5 mins. The bug seems to be the same particle as the effect that covers the target hit by the Q, which looks like green and black static.
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