Still not able to play the game even though i load in

Riot seriously, I don't get it. every couple weeks i just get phases where for a few days i just don't get to play any ranked games because i don't load in. In the loading screen i'm at 100% but i don't load in. then i get penalized for "being afk". it's honestly the most aggravating thing that there can be in this game. at least if you have trolls or someone who goes afk in the game you got to play and load into the game. but not being able to play the only game mode that i actually care about is tilting beyond belief. i load into any other game mode perfectly fine every time i have to play my shitty low priority games. be it arams, normal drafts or even nexus blizt. but as soon as i go to ranked summoners rift i just don't load in. i have a ping of anywhere from 30-50 normally which is what i've had the entire 3-4 years i've been playing league. but within the last year every couple of weeks there's just some days where i'm consistently not able to play any ranked games. ANY help would be appreciated. but seeing as i never get any responses from anyone especially riot employees i know this is just a dead cry for help.

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