[GAMEPLAY] - Putting Anivia in passive gives her a one million hp janna shield

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Whenever Anivia gets into her passive she gets a ridiculous janna-like shield that is MASSIVE. We three man ganked her, got her in passive, didn't even get to damage her in the passive because of her shield, she got a kill, then just walked out still having a ridiculous amount of shield left. I tested this in a custom once with overheal and once without and this only works with overheal. Also, whenever she procs overheal normally she also gets a huge shield though the shield is not as big. https://gyazo.com/e0931235b68e7b580acf46abad8d1f71 As you can see in that screenshot, there is no shielding champion on her team and the overheal animation is on her and her shield is huge. She got a shield like the one in the first link every single time she went into passive. EDIT: I tried again today and it seems like its fixed, the anivia passive acted normally and overheal didnt give oversized shields.
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