XP and Honor system rewarding at different rates on different accounts

So I've been talking to my friends about how I can get key fragments for "200% more honors than the avrage players" while they get key fragments saying "50% more honors than the avrage player" and still they are honor level 4-5 while I'm stuck at honor level 2 with 0 checkpoints. I've been kidding that riot has restricted my account cause they hate me (wich they have not I've asked support and I'm not restricted from getting honors). Anyways my friend who plays as much as I do seemes to level alot more often and i found out that I need a total of 3648 XP through levels 74-75 while my friend only needs 2688 XP through levels 76-77. Shouldn't higher levels cost more XP instead of the oppisite? is it account based? This really makes me feel like my account has some sort of restriction on it even though support says nope. Is there a logical explenation to this? I need answers btw, got my first checkpoint today, took me 9 months and it came as a suprise. I've probably gotten hundreds of keyfragments ranging between"you have earned 60% more honors than the avrage player" up to 300%. maybe I'll hit level 3 honor in season 12 :)

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