@Scruffy regarding the Darius Rework

We asked a while ago for a date on the Darius rework and that the date isn't sure so that's not the real issue. I was wondering if it was possible for you to hold a discussion with players about the Darius rework and what they want to see in the rework. There are many concerns that Darius players have and wish to discuss with you seeing if they will be addressed. 1. What are the number of stacks going to be? We heard it will be more than 5 and potentially 10 stacks, this will change itemization of Darius players as to what they will build. Will it for sure be 10 or is it leaning toward the 8 or 7 mark? This could lead on when his skills will hit spikes with certain amount of stacks like say his Q will do poor damage at 0-2, decent 3-5, amazing 5-8, terrifying 9-10. 2. Will he get natural tankiness/sustain outside of high base stats? He is the only bruiser/tank that I am aware of that has no form of tankiness or sustain. This wouldn't be a problem if he was at 5 stacks still but if he has to get to 10 stacks, how will he survive burst or even some duels with the likes of Jax if he can't survive long enough to get that high? An idea was that for every bleeding enemy champion he would take 5% reduced damage cap at 25%(these numbers can be fiddled with, just a general idea) 3. Will there be new conditions on how his ult can be reset? Some suggested that the Darius ult should only reset when you have X number of stacks on a foe but will this be the case? It sounds like a good idea on paper but wouldn't this potentially hurt his team fighting? A scenario, there are 3 low hp foes and all would die from 1 ult with 0 stacks but because he needs X amount of stacks to reset, he can't secure them all with his ult(note his ult is considered a dash so if they all have about a distance of 200-400 units away from each other he would dash to 1 after the other). 4. Will his ult at max stacks do the same amount of damage as live? Morello said in the model they were working on Darius, at 10 stacks it would do the same damage as live which is 5 stacks, isn't that a little unrewarding for Darius? Shouldn't he do even more damage at 10 stacks than 5 stacks of current live Darius because it is so much harder to build up all those stacks? Say if at live it did 700 at max stacks wouldn't something along the lines of 900-1k damage at 10 stacks be a little more appropriate? That is a huge difference but you have to realize getting to 10 stacks is a lot more difficult than getting to 5 stacks. 5. What will his skills scale on? Total AD or Bonus AD? It was said that Darius will want to have a more tanky, less damage build with the rework, so will his skills still scale on Bonus AD or will it become Total AD? This is a pretty self explanatory question so not as much detail is required. 6. Will his kiting issue be addressed? His E was "nerfed" with its range going down to 540 from 550 and the wind-up time changing, note these were undocumented notes. Will he be compensated with more move speed or a better gap closer with a lower cd? Right now he is a go in hard champion or a get kited hard champion, a horrible combination. If the enemy wants to kite the new Darius wouldn't it be appropriate for Darius to have ways of sticking with the enemy better instead of getting kited obnoxiously hard? 7. Will he become a late game champion, an early game champion, or well rounded? Right now he is a strong early game champion with poor scaling into the late game unless he is fed. Will you be shifting his power from the early game into the late game or make him a champion with a decent but not great early into an amazing duelist late game like Jax/Trundle? That's all I know of what Darius players want to have addressed, there are probably more but I think I hit the main points of Darius's problems. A discussion with players to see what more could be added and hopefully not ignored would help. Like perhaps a "Let's talk about Darius thread could be made either here or on GD(might not be the greatest idea but a bit of people are there). Thanks for reading this, I appreciate it.
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