@Riot: Crying Out for Communication and Transparency (Regarding VUs)

Over the past few years, Riot has marked many champions as "high priority" for visual updates. Included on this list were Sion, Sivir, Taric, Kassadin, Karthus, Twitch and many others. As we all know, some of these champions have now received the VUs they so badly needed, others are still waiting. The thing is, as players and customers, we have essentially no information about when to expect VUs for certain champions, aside from vague hints every now and then. And that's incredibly frustrating. For example, we know that Sion has a complete relaunch in the works, but the has been no word on Taric or Kassadin, or several other champs in need of an update in a long time. Here's my main point: a bit of transparency would be greatly appreciated. For example, as a Taric lover, if Riot were to honestly admit that no work has yet been done on a Taric VU, I would be very disappointed, but it would still be better than just the vague statement that he's "high priority". That tells me nothing. An honest statement of which champs are currently being worked on and which are in the queue for VUs would be wonderful. Because the way things are now, it's always a surprise when a new VU comes out, because we have no idea what Riot is working on. Would telling the players what you are currently working on be such a horrible thing? I can think of several potential concerns you might have with revealing that information, but rather than guess at why you would be hesitant to tell us what is currently being worked on by who, I'd rather hear it from you. Any additional information regarding the process of selecting champs for VUs and what we can expect would be lovely. Because some of us have been waiting for a long time, and at this point any news, even bad news, would be appreciated. This deafening silence only makes us assume the worst anyway.
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